Energy Taiwan Opens Today on the 19th of October to Realize Business Opportunities in the Carbon-free Economy through the 5-in-1 Expo

2022 Energy Taiwan, organized jointly by TAITRA and SEMI, is scheduled to take place at Hall 1 of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX 1) from 19th through 21st of October. It is an unprecedented integration of five exhibitions, including PV Taiwan, Wind Taiwan, Smart Storage Taiwan, Emerging Power Taiwan and Net-Zero Taiwan, with 240 participant businesses in 1,000 booths. This event has set a record in scale, enjoying a significant growth of 43% from the year before. As Taiwan’s largest trade show for renewable energy and net-zero sustainability solutions, it serves as an ideal platform where participants can materialize business opportunities in the global quest of net-zero emissions.

Chairman James C. F. Huang of TAITRA compared in his remarks the net-zero transition to a massive revolution expected to bring about a complete makeover to a multitude of industries. It requires not only persistent innovation to upgrade energy systems and carbon-reducing technologies, but also commitment from governments, industries, and individuals. While this transition is indeed a formidable challenge, it may also present substantial opportunities of investment and growth. It is hoped that the multiplier effect of this year’s five-in-one expo will help its participants cash in on the potential business opportunities as the event paves the way for international cooperation and exchange underpinned by technological innovation and consolidation of resources of the government, industry, academia, and research institutes.

2022 Energy Taiwan, as in previous years, has invited the leaders of the renewable energy industry. Significant growth can be seen in the scale of the exhibitions, especially Smart Storage Taiwan, which has grown by nearly 100% from the year before and is followed by Wind Taiwan with a growth of almost 40%. Smart Storage Taiwan provides a wide array of solutions, ranging from energy storage batteries, smart energy storage systems, smart power grids and charging systems for electric vehicles and scooters to meet visitors’ needs of one-stop-shopping. Wind Taiwan features not only enthusiastic participation of international developers but also showcases the results of localization of the offshore wind industry in Taiwan. This exhibition has invited both domestic and international suppliers up and down the supply chain, ranging from electrical facilities, underwater infrastructure, maritime engineering, wind farm inspection, wind turbines and their parts, accessories, and control systems, to education and training.

This year’s new addition of two exhibitions, Emerging Power Taiwan and Net-Zero Taiwan, caters to the demand for diversified and resourceful solutions in emerging energy sources and net-zero emissions. Emerging Power Taiwan focuses on small hydropower, hydrogen and geothermal energy. It hosts eight suppliers of small hydropower products and systems under the aegis of Taiwan SHP Industries Alliance. Meantime, the British Office Taipei and Taiwan Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Partnership have jointly set up the UK-Taiwan Hydrogen Pavilion. Net-Zero Taiwan highlights solutions in smart energy management provided by Delta Electronics and Shihlin Electric and Taiwan Carbon Asset’s services in green energy trading, carbon inventory, and international carbon brokerage.

Another highlight of 2022 Energy Taiwan is the national pavilions, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The UK Pavilion has booths set up by 11 companies in the British offshore wind power industry. The Belgium Pavilion is operated by the Belgian Offshore Cluster and supported by eight companies that specialize in offshore wind power technology and innovation. The Finland Pavilion and the Sweden Pavilion are both making their debut in Taiwan’s biggest energy trade show. The Finland Pavilion consists of three Finnish companies that lead the development in environmental protection, ocean and wave energy. The Sweden Pavilion has invited four manufacturers of key parts and components and suppliers of essential technology in the energy industry to take part in the expo.

To help participants extend their reach to markets around the world, Sourcing Taiwan Online 2022—Cleantech is scheduled to take place during the expo. International heavyweight buyers invited via TAITRA’s 63 overseas offices will meet virtually with Taiwanese businesses in over 170 sessions for prospective deals. In addition, the expo hosts an international forum, “Sustainable Energy for Business – Taking on A New Global Challenge,” where experts from around the world have been invited to deliver keynote addresses on a series of topics, including promotion of green energy, sustainability transformation, low-carbon business model, etc. and to engage in dialogues with the industry and exchange opinions. 2022 Energy Taiwan is expected to receive more than 17,000 visitors / prospective buyers. Anyone interested in the development of the energy industry is more than welcome to join. For more information about the exhibitions, please visit the organizer’s official website. (