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Jul 02-05,2015 Machines & Equipment for Primary Processing (Production of Veneer & Plywood, Sawmilling, etc.) and Secondary Processing (Sawing, Planing, Moulding, Turning, Edge Banding, Finger Jointing, Boring, Tenoning, Mortising, Sanding, Machining, etc.); Machines & Equipment for Surface Finishing, Special Processes, Special Product Groups, and Maintenance of Tools; Tools and Auxiliaries...  
Jul 17-20,2015 Teas, Process Tea & Tea Products, Tea Set & Tea Processing Equipment, Coffee, Coffee Product & Equipment, Frozen Prepared Food, Canned Food, Baked Food, Biscuits, Wine & Liquor, Juice & Soft Drinks, Condiments & Confectionery, Food Machines and Bakery Machinery, Media.  
Jul 22-25,2015 Taiwan, Myanmar, Burma, Yangon, TAITRA, TWTC, Yorkers,MIMT, Myanmar Event Park, Exhibition, Trade show, UMFCCI, MIA, ASEAN, Machinery, Surface Treatment Equipment, Electrical and Electronic Components Making Machinery, Power & Electrical Machinery Equipment, Generator, Power System, Generator Parts and Accessories, Rotating Electric Machine, DC Electric Rotating Machine,Motor Parts and Accessories  
Jul 22-25,2015 Auto Parts , Chassis Systems, Automobile Frames and Parts, Repair & Maintenance, Automobile Electronic Components & Parts, Motorcycle parts, Auto Accessories, Tuning & Restyling, Engine Parts, Motorcycle parts  
Jul 22-25,2015 Electricity, Electronic equipment and service, Energy,Generator/ Power System, Electric Wire and Cable, Motor, Pump, Metal Cutting Machine Tools, Metal Forming Machines, Parts and Components, Tools, Cutters, Manufacturing System / Control Equipment & Related Equipment, Industrial Equipment Electrical Systems, Robotics, Industrial Automation IT & Software, Measuring instruments and test equipment Video  
Jul 30-Aug 03,2015 Computer Systems, Peripherals, System Software, Factory & Office Automation Software, Image Processing Systems, Value Added Networks, Point of Sale (POS) Systems, PC & On-line Gaming Software, Multimedia Products, Digital Camera & Digital Home Products.  
Aug 13-16,2015 National Defense Facility and technique, Airport Equipment, Airport & Free Trade Zone Operation, Flight Vehicle & Ground Supporting Facilities, Navigation System & Equipment, Airframe & Engine Manufacturing, Flyinh Control & Monitor System, Aircraft Interiors, Aerospace Materials, Avionics, Machinery & Instruments, Aviation Transportation & Dining Service, Relative Maintenance Video  
Sep 30-Oct 02,2015 Water Purification/Filtration, Drinking Water Treatment, Fluid Power, Water Products, Bathroom & Kitchen plumbing fixtures, Wastewater Treatment, valves, pumps, faucets, water chemicals,etc. Video  
Oct 01-03,2015 Agricultural Products, chemicals materials/products, textiles, machinery, hand tools, consumer electronics /Electrical Products, Computer Hardware, Software & Peripherals, Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Relevances, telecommunications, Metals & Hardware Products, House ware、Building Materials & Sanitary Equipment, Sporting & Leisure Goods, Stationery & Office Equipment, Video  
Oct 06-09,2015 cross board trading& e-commerce platform, B2B、B2C、O2O platform, website implementation, internet marketing, mobile commerce, information flow, cash flow, logistics, third-party payment, media & social media, innovation and incubation& display, E-Commerce Asia, E-Commerce EXPO, E-Commerce exhibition  
Oct 06-09,2015 Passive Components, Active Components, Other Electronic Components & Parts, Meters & Instruments, LED Lighting & Applications, Cells, Batteries and Power Supplies, Industrial Process & Manufacturing Equipment, Smart Living & Consumer Electronics, Security Systems & Products.  
Oct 14-16,2015 Wind Energy, Smart Grid, Fuel Cell, LED Lighting, Biomass Energy, Fuel Saving Vehicle, Electrical Vehicle, Energy Saving Tech & Products, "Energy Saving Label" Products, Recycling, Pollution Prevention Equipment & Material, Environmental Protection Related Products, Organic Products, Water Treatment & Recycle, Water Materials & Instruments Video  
Oct 14-16,2015 PV Materials & Silicon Wafers / Ingots Solar Cells / PV Modules / BIPV, Power Generator Systems / HCPV, Processing Equipment Evaluation / Testing / Analysis Solar Application Products, Storage Batteries and More! Video  
Oct 19-21,2015 Fibers / Yarns / Fabrics / Trimmings、OEM / ODM Apparel & Accessories、Textile Technology & Related Services.  
Nov 05-08,2015 Fresh Fruits and Agricultural Product, Meat and Dairy Products, Fish Products, Condiments, Frozen and Prepared Products, Dehydrated Food Stuffs, Wine & Spirits, Coffee, Beverages, Confections and Cookies, Health Foods, Leisure Foods, Tableware, Catering, Personal Food Machinery. Video  
Nov 05-08,2015 Kaohsiung HORECA, Taiwan HORECA, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Show, Hotel and Hospitality Show, Restaurant and Catering Show, Food Processing & Preparation Machinery, Beverage Processing & Preparation Machinery, Hotel / Restaurant / Catering Equipment & Accessories, Bakery Equipment, Food Packing Machinery, Refrigeration Equipment, Food Industry Disposal & Sanitation Equipment  
Nov 19-21,2015 fishery, fisheries, seafood, fishery taiwan, fisherytaiwan, taiwanfishery, fishtaiwan, fish, shrimp, aquaculture, Taiwan trade show, Asia seafood show, tilapia, sushi, fish boat, fishing net, closing net  
Mar 10-13,2016 Taiwan boat show, Taiwan yacht, kaohsiung yacht, Taiwan Yacht industry association, tyia, horizon, john lu, atech composites, yachts, kha shing, aritex, tania, tayana, president yachts, monte fino, cruiser, hardware, accessories, hardware accessories, interior design, boat design, maintenance, service, water sports. marine tourism, motor yacht, trawler, fiberreinforced plastic, FRP, sport fisher Video  
Apr 11-13,2016 Nuts,Bolts and Screws,Fastener Manufacturing Equipment,Fastener Tools,Meters & Instruments,... Video  
May 05-08,2016 CAD-CAM / Software, Quality Control / Inspection & Measurement Equipment Automation & Control, Machine Tool Components / Attachments / Accessories’ Cutting Tools / Toolholding & Workholding Devices, Tube & Wire Processing Equipment, Laser Processing & Punching Machines, Welding Equipment, Industrial Robot, Cutting Machine Tools, Forming Machinery, Presses , Foundry, Forging Equipment, Video  
Aug 12-16,2016 Plastic & Rubber Processing Machinery,Injection Molding Machinery,Blow Molding Machinery,Extruders.. Video  
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