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Feb 04-08,2015 Wine & Spirits, Coffee & Tea, Juice & Soft Drinks, Confections & Biscuits, Health Food & Leisure Food, Frozen Prepared Food, Dairy Products, Meat & Processed Meat Products, Seafood, Preserved Fruits & Vegetables, Baked Food, Groceries, Gifts and Souvenirs, Specialty Products, Lunar New Year Dishes, New Year Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Consumer Electronics & Electrical Products, and much more.  
Mar 03-08,2015 CNC machine tools,metal cutting machines,metal forming machines,foundry,forging,... Video  
Mar 18-21,2015 Complete Bicycle, Bicycle Parts & Accessories, Cycling Apparel & Accessories, Light Electric Vehicles (LEV). Video  
Mar 18-21,2015 Sportswear, Textile and Accessories.  
Mar 18-21,2015 Fitness Equipment, Sport Balls, Golf Equipment, Massage Products, Camping Supplies. Video  
Mar 18-21,2015 DiWaS Taiwan Int'l Diving and Water Sports Show  
Mar 25-28,2015 Household Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Office Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, LED Technology, Lighting Accessories, Parts & Components, Light Control, Management and Measurement Systems, Light Protection and Measurement Equipment, Test & Inspection Equipment. Video  
Apr 08-11,2015 Automobiles Parts, Lamps and Application of LEDs, Engine Parts, Electrical Parts for Engine, Power Train System, Steering, Brake and Brake Control Systems, Automobile Frame and Parts, Suspension and Chassis Systems, Customized Performance Auto Parts, Pneumatic Tires & Tubes, Auto Repair Tools, Car Care Products, etc. Video  
Apr 08-11,2015 Automobile Electronic Products, Automobile Electronic Components & Parts, Engine Management & Power Train Systems, Automobile Body Electrical Systems, LED Products, Multimedia Telematics / Drive Information Systems, GPS Products, Vehicle Safty & Security Systems, Automobile Semiconductors, Testing Equipment & Services, Production Equipment for Automobile Electronics, etc.  
Apr 08-11,2015 2015 Taiwan International Tuning & Car Care Show features tuned cars, tuned motors, car painting/decoration, tuning accessories, equipment and tools, car tuning service providers/chains, car/motor repair and service providers/chains, car/motor spray paint, coating and repair products, automotive maintenance, and car care products etc.. Video  
Apr 08-11,2015 Motocycles, Scooters, ATVs, Engines and Parts, Motocycle Frames, Motocycle Parts and Accessories, Motocyclists' Accessories, Noise & Emission Inspection Equipment, Maintenance Equipment, Components and Accessories Manufacturing Equipment, Customized Bikes and Parts. Video  
Apr 08-11,2015 Electric Vehicles (e-cars, e-motorcycles, e-scooters, other e-vehicles), Drive and Motor Systems, Cell, Energy Storage Technology, Energy & Recharging Infrastructure, Test Systems & Services. Video  
Apr 23-26,2015 Gift & Stationery, Promotional Items, Holiday Decorations, Stationery & Art Supplies, School & Office Supplies, Art & Crafts, Houseware & Home Living, Toys & Children's Articles, Bags, Jewelry & Accessories and Brand Licensing. Video  
Apr 23-26,2015 This is the show that has it all when it comes to Taiwan souvenir & handicraft products. Souvenir products range from fine food and wine, local specialties, handicraft items, Festival gifts, wedding gifts...and so much more! Video  
Apr 24-28,2015 TAIPEI 2015 - 30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition is organized by Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd., Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation and Taiwan External Trade Development Council to expand and develop friendly relations and close cooperation among FIAP members, and to promote every aspect of philately in the FIAP region.  
May 01-04,2015 The largest student design show in Asia. The dynamic young design power from various design disciplines such as fashion design, industrial design, communication design, interior design and so on, for design students and Young Designers, YODEX offers an unparalleled opportunity to interact with each other and provides a valuable experience for pursuing their future careers or business opportunities.  
Jun 02-06,2015 Computer Systems, Motherboards & Add-on Cards, Components, Parts, Accessories, Peripherals, Software, Network Communication, Display & Digital Entertainment Products, Data Storage Products, Multimedia, Digital Electronic Products, Embedded Technology, Internet of Things. Video  
Jun 09-11,2015 A new platform for startups and business operators and representatives of small business enterprises to meetup with venture capitals, accelerator, superhuman mentors, government organizations etc.  
Jun 18-21,2015 Medical Equipment (eg. Hospital Equipment, Electromedical Equipment, and Anaplastic Equipment), Emergency Medicine and Rescue Equipment, Medical Commodities and Consumer Goods, Medical Use IT & Communication Products, Diagnostic Instruments and Equipment, Medical Service and Publications, Surgery Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Apparatus for Orthopaedic and Dental Treatment  
Jun 18-21,2015 Mobility Aids, Daily Living Aids, Home Care and Institutional Services, Health Food and Dietary Supplements, Telecare, Beauty ,Recreation and travel.  
Jun 18-21,2015 Chinese Raw Herbs, Medicinal Herb / Herbal Remedies, Health Foods / Products, Biomedicine and Beauty Products, Test & Inspection Equipment, Health Care & Therapy, Raw Materials, Equipment & Related Services, Research & Development, Vegetarian Food/Products and Others. Video  
Jun 18-21,2015 Taiwan International Parent & Baby Industry Show is the only B2B Parent & Baby Show in Taiwan. Video  
Jun 24-27,2015 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Preserved Fruits & Vegetables, Poultry, Seafood, Meat & Processed Meat Products, Edible Oils, Dairy Products, Frozen Prepared Food, Canned Food, Baked Food, Biscuits, Wine & Liquor, Coffee & Tea, Juice & Soft Drinks, Condiments & Confectionery, Ice Cream,food show, Taiwan food, Tapioca milk tea, pearl milk tea, bubble tea,Taiwan trade show,Asia food show,Chinese food Video  
Jun 24-27,2015 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Preserved Fruits & Vegetables, Poultry, Seafood, Meat & Processed Meat Products, Edible Oils, Dairy Products, Frozen Prepared Food, Canned Food, Baked Food, Biscuits, Wine & Liquor, Coffee & Tea, Juice & Soft Drinks, Condiments & Confectionery, Ice Cream,food show, Taiwan food, Tapioca milk tea, pearl milk tea, bubble tea,Taiwan trade show,Asia food show,Chinese food  
Jun 24-27,2015 Food Industry Turnkey / Whole Plant Project, Food Processing & Preparation Machinery, Beverage Processing & Preparation Machinery, Bakery Equipment, Food Packing Machinery, Refrigeration Equipment, Food Industry Disposal & Sanitation Equipment, Testing / Measuring Machinery, Vending Machinery, Pharmaceutical (Health Food) Equipment. Video  
Jun 24-27,2015 Packaging Machinery & Materials, Packaging Plant Systems, Filling/ Sealing/ Weighing Machinery, Printing Machinery, Food & Pharmaceuticals Packaging Machinery, Shrink Packaging Machines, Bag Making Machinery, Material Control Equipment, Vacuum Packaging Machines, Conveyors/ Warehouse/ Logistics, Paper & Cardboard Containers, Tapes/ Plastic Film/ Pallets. Video  
Jun 24-27,2015 Food Processing & Preparation Machinery, Beverage Processing & Preparation Machinery, Hotel / Restaurant / Catering Equipment & Accessories, Bakery Equipment, Food Packing Machinery, Refrigeration Equipment, Food Industry Disposal & Sanitation Equipment /Tableware and Kitchenware/Bathroom Products/Cleaning Tools/Electrical Household Appliances. Video  
Jun 24-27,2015 Halal Products, Halal Food, Islam, Islamism, Halal food Certification, Halal Certified Products, Halal Expo, Halal Show, Halal Taiwan, Halal Cuisine, Arabic Food, Muslim, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Made in Taiwan, Halal-certified products, Halal accreditation. GCC Gulf Cooperation Council Standard for Islamic Halal. Video  
Jul 02-05,2015 Machines & Equipment for Primary Processing (Production of Veneer & Plywood, Sawmilling, etc.) and Secondary Processing (Sawing, Planing, Moulding, Turning, Edge Banding, Finger Jointing, Boring, Tenoning, Mortising, Sanding, Machining, etc.); Machines & Equipment for Surface Finishing, Special Processes, Special Product Groups, and Maintenance of Tools; Tools and Auxiliaries...  
Jul 17-20,2015 Teas, Process Tea & Tea Products, Tea Set & Tea Processing Equipment, Coffee, Coffee Product & Equipment, Frozen Prepared Food, Canned Food, Baked Food, Biscuits, Wine & Liquor, Juice & Soft Drinks, Condiments & Confectionery, Food Machines and Bakery Machinery, Media.  
Jul,2015 Auto Parts , Chassis Systems, Automobile Frames and Parts, Repair & Maintenance, Automobile Electronic Components & Parts, Motorcycle parts, Auto Accessories, Tuning & Restyling, Engine Parts, Motorcycle parts  
Jul 30-Aug 03,2015 Computer Systems, Peripherals, System Software, Factory & Office Automation Software, Image Processing Systems, Value Added Networks, Point of Sale (POS) Systems, PC & On-line Gaming Software, Multimedia Products, Digital Camera & Digital Home Products.  
Aug 13-16,2015 National Defense Facility and technique, Airport Equipment, Airport & Free Trade Zone Operation, Flight Vehicle & Ground Supporting Facilities, Navigation System & Equipment, Airframe & Engine Manufacturing, Flyinh Control & Monitor System, Aircraft Interiors, Aerospace Materials, Avionics, Machinery & Instruments, Aviation Transportation & Dining Service, Relative Maintenance Video  
Sep 29-Oct 01,2015 Fibers / Yarns / Fabrics / Trimmings、OEM / ODM Apparel & Accessories、Textile Technology & Related Services.  
Oct 01-04,2015 Agricultural Products, chemicals materials/products, textiles, machinery, hand tools, consumer electronics /Electrical Products, Computer Hardware, Software & Peripherals, Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Relevances, telecommunications, Metals & Hardware Products, House ware、Building Materials & Sanitary Equipment, Sporting & Leisure Goods, Stationery & Office Equipment, Video  
Oct 06-09,2015 Passive Components, Active Components, Other Electronic Components & Parts, Meters & Instruments, LED Lighting & Applications, Cells, Batteries and Power Supplies, Industrial Process & Manufacturing Equipment, Smart Living & Consumer Electronics, Security Systems & Products.  
Oct 14-16,2015 PV Materials & Silicon Wafers / Ingots Solar Cells / PV Modules / BIPV, Power Generator Systems / HCPV, Processing Equipment Evaluation / Testing / Analysis Solar Application Products, Storage Batteries and More! Video  
Oct 21-23,2015 Wind Energy, Smart Grid, Fuel Cell, LED Lighting, Biomass Energy, Fuel Saving Vehicle, Electrical Vehicle, Energy Saving Tech & Products, "Energy Saving Label" Products, Recycling, Pollution Prevention Equipment & Material, Environmental Protection Related Products, Organic Products, Water Treatment & Recycle, Water Materials & Instruments  
Nov 05-08,2015 Fresh Fruits and Agricultural Product, Meat and Dairy Products, Fish Products, Condiments, Frozen and Prepared Products, Dehydrated Food Stuffs, Wine & Spirits, Coffee, Beverages, Confections and Cookies, Health Foods, Leisure Foods, Tableware, Catering, Personal Food Machinery.  
Mar 10-13,2016 Taiwan boat show, Taiwan yacht, kaohsiung yacht, Taiwan Yacht industry association, tyia, horizon, john lu, atech composites, yachts, kha shing, aritex, tania, tayana, president yachts, monte fino, cruiser, hardware, accessories, hardware accessories, interior design, boat design, maintenance, service, water sports. marine tourism, motor yacht, trawler, fiberreinforced plastic, FRP, sport fisher Video  
Apr 11-13,2016 Nuts,Bolts and Screws,Fastener Manufacturing Equipment,Fastener Tools,Meters & Instruments,... Video  
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